Review of Maybelline INTENSE XXL

Maybelline INTENSE XXL

Photograph’s copyrights: www.maybelline.com

Review of Maybelline INTENSE XXL

Company: Maybelline (USA)

Get Curl Power actually with this Maybelline Microfiber Mascara on your lashes. If you have thick, clumpy, spider-like lashes, then this eye makeup will get you gorgeous in a glance. This eye makeup curls and extends lashes to a 45 degree angle from root to tip. The exclusive power curve brush provided with this Curl Power doubles the lash volume giving you long-lasting curls. This eye makeup works up to 12 hours without the slightest smudge or flake. As per the brand, this Maybelline Microfiber Mascara is ophthalmologist tested and also contact lens safe preventing any sought of damage to your beautiful eyes. So what are you waiting for? Don this Curl Power and set all hearts aflutter.

Price: $25.00 to $30.00 (SGD)

Rating: 66/100

My opinion:

1. Can create both dramatic and natural looks

2. Dark colors

3. Defines and separates my lashes

4. Does not irritate my eyes or skin

5. Easy to apply

6. Formula is not too dry or wet

7. Good for daily use

8. Holds my eyelash curls

9. Long lasting

10. Provides average length and volume to my lashes

11. Simple to remove with makeup remover

12. Brush is not small enough to reach corner lashes

13. Clumps and smudges occasionally

14. Not very build-able

15. One tube dries out pretty fast

16. Pricey compared to other mascaras

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