Review of Liang Ting 凉亭

Block 16, Bedok South Road, Bedok South Market and Food Centre, #01-39

Nearest Mass Transit Rapid Station: Bedok MRT

Buses to Bedok South Market and Food Centre: 12, 38, 229

Opening Hours: 09:00 to 19:00 (Daily)

Queue: 1 to 3 people (Waiting Time: Less than 5 minutes)

Service: Fast and good, friendly service

Environment: Clean hawker centre

Reputation: Traditional Singapore Beverages, Desserts, Grass Jelly and Soya Products

Thoughts after eating: Healthy, refreshing but expensive

Value for money: 85/100

Will I come back again in 6 months’ time? Yes

My opinion:

Liang Ting means “pavilion” in Chinese. This stall is a newcomer to Bedok South Block 16 Market and Food Centre. The owners sell a large range of traditional Singapore beverages, desserts, grass jelly and soya products. For this food review, I have tasted their almond drink for $2.00 (2015 price). Honestly, I had a small problem with the cost of this refreshment product. With the same price, I could get a large cup of pure sugar cane juice at Haig Road Food Centre.

If you are tired of me nit picking on costs, I will move on to the food quality. The drink was healthy, refreshing and sweet. It was homemade with no preservatives and artificial coloring (major plus points). The male owner highly recommended this drink and even claimed that it had 25 percent less sugar than other sweetened Asian beverages (I was unable to verify this bold claim). Therefore, I will only recommend their beverages and desserts to people who do not mind paying more for quality food.

Ways for the owners to improve their food ratings:

Carry out more promotional sales. A good example is “buy 8 get 1 free”.

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Liang Ting ($2.00 SGD Almond Drink)

Liang Ting ($2.00 SGD Almond Drink)

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  1. Hi sir , just accidentally doing some homework search on Google searching for Liang TIng and somehow found that you have give us a 85/100 review rating. At least quite a good comment on Liang Ting too. Got many promotions and some even already over .
    Click and like our page to know more on past and present now –


    Next time your drinks on me too .

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