Review of Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup 后港敬佳羊肉汤

Block 14, Haig Road Market and Food Centre, #01-44

Nearest Mass Rapid Transit Station: Paya Lebar MRT

Buses to Haig Road Market and Food Centre: 2, 7, 13, 21, 24, 26, 28, 30, 51, 67, 154, 155, NR7

Opening Hours: 08:00 to 17:00 (Daily)

Queue: 1 to 3 people (Waiting Time: Less than 5 minutes)

Service: Fast and good

Environment: Clean hawker centre

Reputation: Traditional Singapore Herbal Soup and Mutton Soup

Thoughts after eating: Shiok mutton meat but average tasting soup

Value for money: 75/100

Will I come back again in 6 months’ time? No, there are better alternatives

My opinion:

Jing Jia means “respectful and excellent” in Chinese. This Haig Road hawker stall specializes in traditional Singapore herbal soup. For this 2016 food review, I have tasted their signature mutton soup with rice for $5.50. There were 10 pieces of mutton meat, 1 bowl of soup and 1 bowl of rice in my food portion.

Mutton pieces were addictive, fresh, soft, tender, well prepared and did not have a pungent smell or taste (major plus points). Although the soup was warm and not too salty, my tongue detected a weird bitter taste in it. Honestly, I did not even finish 30 percent of this awkward tasting soup. Rice was nicely cooked and did not suffer from dryness, roughness or sticky issues.

To sum up, the food here was economical, fulfilling and had a few flaws that prevented me from visiting them in the near future. If you are a herbal soup fan who is not so particular about the soup taste, Jing Jia is the right stall for you. For experienced foodies, my advice is to try their food with caution. Do not order more than 3 packets and regret your decision later.

Ways for the owners to improve their food ratings:

Thoroughly review the soup’s preparation process.

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Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup ($5.50 SGD Mutton Soup)

Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup ($5.50 SGD Mutton Soup)

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