Review of Estee Lauder So Polished Gentle Exfoliating Scrub

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Review of Estee Lauder So Polished Gentle Exfoliating Scrub

Company: Estee Lauder (USA)

This dual-action exfoliator uncovers your skin’s inner glow. Polishes skin with both a smoothing marine extract and natural volcanic ash. Eases away dulling flakes, excess oil and impurities to expose a new radiance. Leaves skin feeling smooth, luminous. Protects your natural moisture barrier and prepares skin to get the most out of your moisturizer. Surrounds you with the scent of a tropical breeze, with Hawaiian pineapple, coconut and jasmine.

Price: $53.00 to $56.00 (SGD)

Rating: 82/100

My opinion:

1. Can be used by both females and males

2. Dermatologist tested

3. Does not break out skin problems

4. Easy to use and remove

5. Even and smooth application

6. Gets rid of dead skin, dirt and pollutants

7. Good for home, vacation and weekly use

8. Has marine extracts and volcanic ashes as ingredients

9. Imparts a mild glow to my skin

10. No awkward smell

11. Noticeable improvement in skin conditions after using the product for 6 weeks

12. Oil control for 5 hours or more

13. Prevents my skin from looking dull after a long stressful week

14. Product can persist for 6 months or more with regular usage

15. Skin does not feel dry, sticky or uneasy after the cleansing process

16. Unclog pores

17. Travel friendly

18. Works well with other facial treatment and moisturizer products

19. Pricey (ebay)

20. Discontinued (2016: extremely difficult to find on big online stores)

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