Natural predators of Red-eared sliders

My Red-eared slider

Natural predators of Red-eared sliders

Red-eared sliders mostly have predators when they are newborns or inside their eggs. They will bite, hiss, kick, scratch or even urinate to defend themselves from predators and are able to turn themselves back up when they are tipped over.

Young Red-eared sliders do have an unusual protection against predatory fish. When swallowed whole, they hold their breath and chew on the fish’s stomach lining until regurgitated. Their bright coloring also warn large fishes that they are not to be messed with.

As the Red-eared sliders mature into adults (5 years old), they only fear alligators, crocodiles and humans. Alligators and crocodiles usually refrain from attacking Red-eared sliders unless they are really hungry. The reasons are that these type of turtles are big and have thick shells.

Predators of Red-eared slider eggs

1. Foxes

2. Raccoons

3. Skunk

Predators of young Red-eared sliders

1. Foxes

2. Mink

3. Otters

4. Predatory fishes

5. Raccoons

6. Skunk

7. Storks

8. Wading birds

Predators of adult Red-eared sliders

1. Alligators and crocodiles

2. Humans

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