How to escape from a sinking car?

Sinking Car

How to escape from a sinking car?

1. Remain calm.

2. Always know that you have 30 seconds to 120 seconds before your car sinks.

3. Do not open the car doors or else water will rush in and the car will instantly sink.

4. Quickly unbuckle your seat belt.

5. Unbuckle the seat belt of your children.

6. Open the car windows.

7. If the car windows can not be opened, break them with the auto rescue tool.

8. Instruct and guide the children to swim out.

9. If you do not have the auto rescue tool, carry the children to the front seats.

10. Ask all passengers to take a deep breath and wait for water to fill the entire car.

11. Once water has filled the car, immediately open the car door.

12. Remember to gently push out the children first and then swim out.



My opinion:

The crucial thing is the auto rescue tool. If you do not have it in your car, everyone inside the car is basically screwed. It is almost impossible to remain calm and react fast enough to prevent tragedy from happening. Your children or the little passengers also need to have basic swimming skills.

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