DIY Lying in a coffin to get rid of negative energy

Warning: Do not attempt this method without the proper guidance of religious teachers.

DIY Lying in a coffin to get rid of negative energy

1. This ceremony has to be done in an established temple.

2. Make sure you have at least one trustworthy companion with you.

3. All the non religious personnel attending this event have to wear black or white colored clothes.

4. Lie inside the coffin with your head facing west during sunset.

5. Close your eyes and relax.

5. The monks will close the coffin lid and perform the necessary ritual.

6. You will be set free after staying inside the coffin for about 5 minutes.


60/100 (established temple)

5/100 (without monks or religious teachers)

My opinion:

If you experience strange sights and sounds inside the coffin, keep quiet and do not panic. This method will help to turn your karma wheel and change negative energy into good luck for a short period of time.

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