DIY 活络美疗 (23) 腿部经活络

This DIY 活络美疗 video tutorial teaches you how to use simple body massage for beauty and skin care purposes

Length of video: 19 minutes 30 seconds

Difficulty: Easy

Frequency: Watch once per week to familiarize with the methods and techniques of body massage

Health Benefits:

1. Boosting your energy levels

2. Detoxification

3. Improving blood circulation

4. Maintaining a strong immune system

5. Relieving discomfort and stress

6. Stimulating and keeping your skin youthful

7. Treatment of facial problems such as acne, eczema and pimples

Please note:

1. Body massage is not recommended for pregnant women and patients who have just went through an operation.

2. Body massage should only complement conventional medicine.

3. If you experience discomfort during a body massage session, immediately stop and alert anyone in close proximity.

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