Common Fengshui Mistakes (99) Please remove all things left behind by your home’s previous owners

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If you move to a new home, it is highly recommended to give or throw away everything that the old owner leaves behind. This also includes old Fengshui “cures” or items. Any Fengshui “cure” of one person can be a “poison” for another.

Old items usually accumulate negative energy. Your new home should be rejuvenating and vibrant, not gloomy and sad. Most old items such as furniture witness dark or sad histories. Some of these items may have been closely connected to the previous owners. Continuing to use these leftover items may result in “residual haunting” or seeing a part of the previous owner’s history unfolding.

I also highly recommend that you check into the history of a property before buying. Did the previous owner die of natural causes? Was anyone murdered in the property? Even if the property is “clean”, I highly recommend to do a thorough renovation including knocking down walls and repainting the entire property. If you are rich enough, redesign the home and let sunshine warm the foundations for a few weeks.

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