Common Fengshui Mistakes (98) Please remove all Phra Phrom artworks and statues from your home

Phra Phrom Statue

Phra Phrom is the Thai representation of the Hindu god Brahma. In China, Singapore and Malaysia, he is also known as the Four-faced Buddha. Phra Phrom is highly regarded in East Asian culture as a deity of good fortune and protection.

People should never invite the god of Phra Phrom to their homes. The god will abandon the painting or statue a few weeks after it is placed in a home because the worship methods are totally wrong. Wandering spirits will soon take control of the artwork. Home inhabitants will suffer from severe bad luck and body ailments due to the spirits’ negative “yin” energy.

Phra Phrom is best worshiped outdoors (such as roadside shrines or temples). Be sincere, fulfill your good promises to Phra Phrom and you will be blessed with good karma and luck. If you want to have a god statue for home praying, I strongly suggest the Goddess Guan Yin.

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