Common Fengshui Mistakes (96) Please remove all huge artworks and statues from your home

Elephant Statue

A home is used for rejuvenation and relaxation. It is fine to put a few artworks and statues for decoration. You should refrain from putting too much artworks and statues in your home as they can greatly disrupt energy flow. I will recommend not to put any artworks in the master bedroom and a maximum of 2 paintings per room.

A really large artwork and statue is a great taboo in Fengshui. What is the size of an artwork that Fengshui masters consider big? Well, it depends on the size of your home. In most situations, any artwork that is about the height of an adult human being, is considered big in size.

All objects gather energy and huge artworks placed in the wrong locations can prevent clean energy or sunlight entering your home. Never put them near the home entrance or staircases.

As objects age, the amount of negative “hui”, “sha” and “yin” energy will greatly accumulate. These huge artworks and statues will be perfect sanctuaries for wandering spirits.

Huge artworks are also costly to acquire and maintain. They poses significant fire hazard risks to your home if you are not careful. Never keep them near the altar area and the fireplace.

The painful solution is to donate huge artworks and statues to charities or museums. I will not even recommend you storing them inside a big garage. Grow green plants without thorns in your home and keep the number of small artworks to a minimum.

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