Common Fengshui Mistakes (95) Please refrain from buying any properties that are surrounded by forest vegetation

Buildings surrounded by forest vegetation

This scenario is more common in Hong Kong and Malaysia. People are usually attracted to big houses and mansions that are near hilltops. Please do check whether the properties are surrounded by dense forest vegetation.

First, if a house is surrounded by forest vegetation or trees, energy flow into it will be severely disrupted. Negative “sha” energy will find it harder to flow out while positive energy will be absorbed by the surrounding trees.

Second, forests are known to accumulate “yin” energy. If the house has energy flows disrupted, its negative “yin” energy will increase. If drastic actions are not done to alleviate this Fengshui disaster, the house will be a strong magnet for wandering spirits.

Third, the forests and trees are known as gathering or resting spots for demons, mountain gods and spirits. Having a house so close to the forest will increase the inhabitants’ chances of encounters with the supernatural.

Fourth, the house will suffer from poor sunlight and ventilation problems. The inhabitants will suffer from luck and health issues.

Fifth, a house will be under “stress” if it is surrounded by objects unrelated to it. For example, a “stressful” house can be surrounded by forests, high-rise buildings, roads and water. Disputes and quarrels will arise among the home inhabitants.

Do not buy any property that is surrounded by forest vegetation. If you live in one, I highly suggest you move out or check whether your government has plans to clear out the vegetation.

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