Common Fengshui Mistakes (94) Please refrain from buying any properties that are sandwiched by high-rise buildings

Buildings surrounded by skyscrapers

This is a common Fengshui taboo in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan because of rapid urban development. If you come across a house that is sandwiched or surrounded by tall buildings, do not buy it.

First, the tall buildings will block energy flow into the house. Clean, positive and rejuvenated energy will find it hard to enter the house.

Second, if the house is surrounded by tall buildings, it will not be bathed with regular sunshine. This will result in an increase in moisture and negative “yin” energy. Wandering spirits will most likely find this house an attractive target, since they avoid humans and “yang” energy while targeting darkness and “yin” energy.

Third, living in a house surrounded by tall buildings signify that your career prospects or luck is always “fewer” and “lower” than most people. The house inhabitants may find their lowly qualified competitors getting more opportunities than they do.

Fourth, it is very unlucky to live below the bathrooms or toilets of people. Even though the house is not directly under the high-rise buildings, negative energy will travel easily from top to bottom, affecting the house Fengshui.

Fifth, if the house is surrounded by high-rise buildings, the chances of “poison arrows” and negative “sha” energy pointing at it greatly increases. The inhabitants of the house will suffer from bad luck and health problems.

Sixth, if the house is surrounded by roads, then the house Fengshui will get much worse. It will increase air and noise pollution as well as psychological stress on the house inhabitants.

If you live in such a house, the easy solution will be to sell it to property developers for big cash. It is almost impossible to use renovation to solve most of the Fengshui problems in this scenario.

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