Common Fengshui Mistakes (92) Please refrain from buying any properties that are located near a slaughter house


Why will any sensible human being want to live near a slaughter house? This is basic common sense. Even if the property seller offers you bargain prices, I will advise you to seek other options.

First, slaughter houses signify blood, death, helplessness, horror, killing and pain. These are really negative qualities that you will never want your home to be associated with.

Second, the animals are being killed every week at the slaughter house. Can you imagine the amount of anger and hate these animals have towards the human killers? The huge accumulation of negative “yuan” energy is extremely destructive for anyone living and working nearby.

Third, killing so many animals will result in huge amounts of negative “yin” energy. The combination of “yin” and “yuan” energy will make the surrounding areas “magnets” of wandering spirits.

Fourth, animals do have souls. It is very sinful to kill them. This is a major reason why I advocate eating vegetables instead of meat. If you waste meat food items by throwing them away, you incur further bad karma.

Fifth, homes near a slaughter house are famous for disruption of energy flows. Positive energy and “qi” will find it hard to enter the home, leaving them “malnourished”. Luck and wealth will soon forsake the homeowners.

I will highly advise people who are living near a slaughter house to shift home. If that is not possible, grow green plants (without thorns) and place a bagua mirror at your front door. It is highly advisable to pray to the Guan Yin Goddess. She is the Goddess of Mercy and will help the angry animal spirits seek reincarnation. It is good for your health and karma if you eat lesser meat and more fruits or vegetables.

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