Common Fengshui Mistakes (90) Please refrain from buying any properties that are located near a police station

Police Station

Most people think that living near a police station is good for their safety. I can understand this mentality but some crimes do happen near a police station. In terms of Fengshui, I will advise my blog readers to avoid properties too close to police stations.

First, police stations signify crimes, disputes, fights, grievances and sins. These are properties that you will not want to associate with your home. Your home should be cheering and welcoming.

Second, if you see a police station from your home, you will most likely suffer from “kou guan sha” energy. This type of negative energy will result in disputes, lawsuits, quarrels and regular visits to the police stations.

Third, a police station is a government building. It will “soak” up most of the positive energy and “qi” in the surrounding regions, leaving your home “bare” and “malnourished”.

The easy solution is to grow green plants (without thorns). Place a bagua mirror at your front door to ward off negative “sha” energy. I also highly recommend inviting the god Guang Sheng Di Jun (General Guan) to your home altar area so you can offer prayers to him. General Guan is a favorite god among policemen and soldiers. He can solve your disputes with authorities and help maintain peace in your home.

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