Common Fengshui Mistakes (89) Please refrain from buying any properties that are located near a hospital

Singapore General Hospital

Please do not buy a property that is located near a hospital. First, hospitals signify aging, death, illness, pain, sadness and suffering. These are properties that all homeowners are eager to avoid. A home should be happy, relaxing and rejuvenating.

Second, hospitals have patients who are suffering from diseases. They have huge amounts of dirty and negative energy. If a property is located nearby absorbs these dirty energy, the inhabitants will suffer from allergies and body ailments.

Third, hospitals are places where people pass on to the afterlife. Some of these people die of accidents and violence. Their spirits still linger in our world. Living in a property near a hospital, greatly increases your chances of seeing the supernatural.

Fourth, hospitals accumulate negative “yin” energy. A home for the living should have positive “yang” energy. Having “ying” energy constantly rushing into the property will bring health consequences and bad luck to the inhabitants.

Fifth, the home inhabitants will be under constant psychological stress of seeing the hospital. Seeing emergency ambulances and sorrowful scenes are not good for the mental development of small children.

Sixth, living near a hospital signifies that you may be admitted to one soon. Dispute and quarrels will also arise among family members eager to move out of the property.

If you happen to live in a property near a hospital (or you can see a hospital from your home window), do grow green plants (without thorns) in your home kitchen and living room. This will greatly increase the “yang” energy of your home. In the direction of the hospital, put a bagua mirror or grow cactus in the balcony (if that is possible). Remember do not shift the cactus to your home interiors especially your bedroom. Cactus have thorns which contain negative “sha” energy. It can ward off evil but also harm home Fengshui if put the wrong way.

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