Common Fengshui Mistakes (88) Please refrain from buying any properties that are located near a cemetery

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Please do not buy a property that is located near a cemetery. It is simple common sense. First, the cemetery contains large amounts of negative energy. Second, you will have higher chances of seeing ghosts. Third, your home will have higher chances of attracting spirits. Fourth, you will experience severe bad luck and health problems. Fifth, living near a cemetery signify that your end is near. Sixth, a home is for the living and a cemetery is for the dead. Both living and dead should not live together (or near each other). Going against the law of nature will bring in bad karma and luck for the homeowners. Seventh, living near a cemetery will bring you and your family members serious psychological stress. Just imagine the scenario of having to walk past a cemetery after returning from work. Eighth, disputes and quarrels between household members will be more frequent. Negative energy from the cemetery will make people easily agitated. For example, a wife may pressurize her husband to move to another location. If you ask me for solutions, I will be dumbfounded. If you have not bought the property, seek more options from housing agents or websites. If you are living in a property near to a cemetery, I strongly suggest you move home.

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