Common Fengshui Mistakes (87) Please refrain from buying any properties that are directly facing an overhead bridge

Overhead Bridge

If your home faces an overhead bridge, it signifies a big poison arrow pointing directly at you everyday. This will bring poor luck and health problems for anyone living in the property. Besides the “poison” arrow, another Fengshui taboo it violates is the “tian qiao sha”. Luck and wealth will gradually leave your household just like water flowing from the river into the sea. If the overhead bridge looks like a bow or sickle, you and your family members may have serious health problems, resulting from “chuan xin sha” (piercing heart).

In Chinese superstition, some people believe that putting curses under a bridge will make them more powerful. The dead cross over “Nei He Qiao” before entering the netherworld. Negative “sha” energy and “yin” energy often accumulate at the bottom of a bridge.

If you own the land opposite the overhead bridge, grow a tree to deflect the negative energy. You can also put a bagua mirror or a real crystal ball in the direction of the overhead bridge. If you are looking to buy new property for investment, ask your property agent to look for more options.

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