Common Fengshui Mistakes (86) Please refrain from buying any properties that are directly facing a hill or mountain


Many people likes to buy properties facing a hill because of the beautiful scenery and fresh air. Some Fengshui masters even claim that it is good fengshui for a home to face a hill. I do not support this viewpoint because a hill often obstruct energy flows of the surrounding areas. Moreover, a hill or mountain in the shape of a beast will bring negative sha energy. It is also extremely unlucky to live facing a half collapsed hilltop. Forest vegetation of hills often accumulates negative “yin” energy. Demons, fairies and wandering spirits like to gather in hills and the surrounding forest. If you live in a home directly facing a hill, you can put a bagua mirror or a tiger whip at your home entrance. This is to ward off evil and scare away the invisible “tiger” not to disturb your household.

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