Common Fengshui Mistakes (85) Please refrain from buying any properties that are below ground level


If you want to buy a non landed property (such as apartment, condominium and flat), it is best to look for those in higher levels. If the apartment has 12 floors, I suggest you go for the 6th to 10th levels. I do not recommend those properties on the highest levels because of the heat and rain.

There are some properties that are on actually below ground level (lower than 1st floor). These type of underground properties are usually very cheap but nobody wants them. I will go through on detail why they are forsaken by both buyers and renters.

First, almost no sunlight can reach the basement properties. A home without sunlight is like a lake without water. Negative “sha” and “yin” energy will accumulate, resulting in bad luck and health problems for the inhabitants. Lack of sunlight will result in an increase of moisture. Too much moisture will attract algae, diseases and “yin” energy. Home inhabitants also need to spend more money and time in cleaning or maintenance. Green plants will also find it harder to grow in a place with no sunlight.

Second, the basement properties will have difficulty in receiving rejuvenated energy. Stagnant and stale energy will accumulate, resulting in the inhabitants not receiving enough “cai” (wealth) and opportunities. Money is also needed to remove odor and pungent smell of the properties. Lack of clean air can be fatal to people with breathing or lung problems.

Third, the world of the living is above ground level. The world of the dead is below ground level. By living in a underground property, it greatly increases your chances of seeing wandering spirits.

Fourth, underground properties signify living in coffins, darkness and eeriness. A living home should be bright, cheerful and welcoming.

Fifth, inhabitants of basement properties will receive most of the negative energy of their higher level neighbors. Humans need to remove dirt, sweat and waste. Dirty energy crashing down on underground properties every day, will result in severe bad luck and health for inhabitants.

The solution is to avoid the seduction of cheap prices. Never buy a home that is underground! If you or your family members live in a underground property, grow more plants that are more resilient in low light conditions. Install good lighting systems to drive off negative energy. Place a bagua mirror at your front door to ward off negative energy and spirits.

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