Common Fengshui Mistakes (84) Please make sure the staircase in front of your home is well maintained

Broken Staircase

The home entrance or front door is perhaps the most important part of your home’s Fengshui. The front door is often regarded as “the mouth of a home”. This is the place where clean rejuvenated energy enters your home. You should take note if your business or home has a staircase in front of the entrance.

First, you should maintain the cleanliness of the entrance and staircase. Always remember the saying that “cleanliness is next to godliness”. Second, remove all unnecessary stuff at the entrance or staircase. Do not let clutter obstruct the flow of energy into and out of your home. Third, check the staircase for broken edges. Broken edges have sharp corners and contain negative “sha” energy. Having “sha” energy at the entrance is very bad for your luck as it drives away good energy and wealth. Always remember that first impression counts. If your front staircase is poorly maintained, what will your guests or potential business partners think of you?

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