Common Fengshui Mistakes (82) Please do not put too many god artworks or idols in your home

Guan Yu Statue

Putting too many god paintings/statues in the home is the best way to provoke fights and quarrels within the family. Your family members will most likely advise you to shift out some of the god paintings/statues. Your home is not a temple! It is for you and your family members to relax, rest and rejuvenate.

Too many god paintings/statues will totally disrupt the energy flow and magnetic field of your home. If you and your family members do not remove them, severe bad luck and health problems will happen soon. Business and career prospects will take a big hit. People visiting your home will be stunned by the large amount of god paintings/statues. Potential business partners will most likely back off or even suspect that your home is “unclean”.

The gods will soon abandon the paintings/statues because you are showing great disrespect to them. You do not trust them which is the main reason why you invite so many of them into your home. A home without the protection of gods will attract wandering spirits. The so called gods that you pray to will soon be ghosts! If you find your family suffering from severe bad luck or even seeing evil spirits, you should quickly remove the god paintings/statues. Immediately open up all your windows to let in sunlight (DIY cleansing). Holding regular parties once per week will also increase the “yang” energy in your home. If you still cannot chase away the spirits, seek the help of a professional Fengshui master.

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