Common Fengshui Mistakes (81) Please do not put too many antiques in your home


Your home should be clean and simple. Too many unnecessary objects will cause disputes and quarrels among family members. Collecting antiques is a very expensive hobby. They cost a lot and you need good maintenance knowledge. Failure to preserve the historical artifacts is a big sin. Think carefully before investment in antiques.

In Fengshui, each object has its own energy. As a building or object ages, their negative energy builds up. Many antiques are from the Ming and Qing dynasties. These antiques are priceless but carry with them a few hundred years of negative energy! Most of these items usually have witness the passing of their previous owners and sinful deeds. They contain too many “yin” energy and are perfect sanctuaries for wandering spirits. My advice is to greatly reduce the amount of antiques in your home to a bare minimum. If you experience bad luck or even see unclean spirits, seek the professional help of a Fengshui master.

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