Common Fengshui Mistakes (80) Please do not put underwater paintings in your home

Underwater Painting

A home should have as few artworks as possible. Too much paintings in a home can easily lead to disputes and quarrels among family members. Paintings can be used by wandering spirits as “homes”. Keep the number of paintings in your home to a bare minimum.

Underwater artworks and pictures should immediately be thrown away. If they cost a lot, you should consider donating to charity or the local museum. Underwater artworks symbolize burden, darkness and suffocation. Too much water will not result in “cai” (wealth) but large amounts of negative “yin” energy. Wandering spirits who died of drowning will be attracted to these artworks. The easy solution is to replace them with flowers and plants. There should be no paintings and photographs in the bedroom. If you are an art lover and insists on having artworks as decorations in other parts of the home, you can choose paintings that depict auspicious animals (such as turtles), happiness, fruits, gold and light.

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