Common Fengshui Mistakes (78) Please do not put artworks of fierce animals in your home

Tiger Painting

A home should be relaxing and simple. Its main purposes are for the inhabitants to live, prosper and rest. There should not be too many artworks such as paintings and statues in the home. Too many decorations will disrupt energy flow and invite disputes among family members.

Chinese love to put artworks of fierce animals (such as lions and tigers) in their home for luck and warding off evil. To be honest, these type of paintings and statues will do little to ward off evil. They can actually be “homes” for wandering spirits if your home is not properly protected by gods.

Lions and tigers are extremely ferocious creatures. They have sharp claws and teeth. Paintings that depict them contain huge amounts of “sha” energy. This will contribute to the homeowners having bad luck and health problems. The ideal solution is to set up a proper altar and bring in a god to protect your home. Gods that are good for home Fengshui include the Goddess Guan Yin and Guan Sheng Di Jun (General Guan Yu). Donate the paintings to community centres or local museums. Try to use green plants as Fengshui “cures” instead of artworks (with the exception of cactus and roses).

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