Common Fengshui Mistakes (74) Please do not place your bed under a window

Lack of Sunlight

The bed is where you sleep and rejuvenate. In Fengshui, a bed next to the window will not have “firm support”. Energy enters and exits the home through doors and windows. The huge energy flows will disrupt your sleep and bring about health issues such as lethargy and insomnia. You will also suffer from air pollution (car fumes) and noise pollution (human activities and traffic). Besides health issues and sleep, it is also very awkward to make love to your partner in front of a window!

When you are sleeping, your “yang” energy recedes and your body becomes more vulnerable to supernatural harassment. Wandering spirits will find it very easy to enter your body from the windows. The solution is to shift your bed from the window. Make sure your bed has steady support. Do not let your bed face a door, mirror or toilet. Cactus and roses should be removed and placed in the garden.

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