Common Fengshui Mistakes (70) Please conduct regular home checks for bat infestations

Bat Nest

Please conduct regular checks on your home for bat nests. The Chinese pronunciation for bat is “fu” which is the same as prosperity. Chinese love to use bat statues to accumulate luck and prosperity. Let me remind my blog readers: There is a big difference between bat statues and real life bats.

First, bats are attracted to negative “yin” energy. If your home has a bat nest (or even multiple bat nests), this shows that your home is emitting large amounts of “yin” energy. Second, if your home is filled with “yin” energy, it will attract wandering spirits into your home. Third, bats in a home most of the time signify the homeowner’s health and luck is experiencing a steep decline. Fourth, a home with bats is very bad for hygiene because bat droppings will attract diseases. Fifth, the dead bodies of bats will bring in more bad luck, health problems and negative “yin” energy.

If your home experiences bat infestations, please seek professional pest companies for assistance. After removals of the bat nests, check your home for wandering spirits. If you sense something is wrong, seek a professional Fengshui master for help. Do a thorough body checkup after your home is “cleansed” of both bat nests and spirits.

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