Common Fengshui Mistakes (69) Please clean and organize your refrigerator regularly


In the ancient past, Chinese view granaries as more important than front door in terms of Fengshui. Nowadays things have certainly change. We use refrigerators instead of granaries. The front door has become the most important part of business and home Fengshui.

Do not buy a large refrigerator when you have a small family. It is sinful to waste electricity. It is a big punishment for your wallet each time you receive your electrical bill.

Keep your refrigerator 70 to 80 percent full. This is good for Fengshui because it symbolizes good management and wealth. Many Fengshui “masters” claim that a full refrigerator is good for Fengshui. I have to strongly disagree. If your stomach is full, will you look for more food to eat? A full refrigerator symbolizes satisfaction with your current situation. It is definitely not good for people who want greater career opportunities and wealth.

Do not overstock too many drinks, fruits and food in the refrigerator. It is bad karma if you have to throw away excess food. Please spare a thought for the less fortunate and poor people in your country. Too many items in the refrigerator is bad for energy flow and will provoke disputes among family members. It also signifies neglect and poor maintenance.

Please clean your refrigerator regularly and throw out stale food. Stale food releases negative energy into the home. Please check the expiry date of canned or packet food items for the sake of your health and home Fengshui. It is highly advisable to buy fresh fruits and milks.

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