Common Fengshui Mistakes (68) Please remove trees with large hanging roots from your home

Hanging Roots

If you want to buy a landed property and see huge trees with hanging roots, you should request the seller to remove the trees. If your house happen to have a similar Fengshui taboo scenario, remove them at once. These type of trees accumulate large amounts of “yin” energy and prevent sunlight from reaching your front door or garden. They are perfect sanctuaries for wandering spirits.

The poorly maintained trees signify eeriness, neglect, poverty and sadness. The large hanging roots signify human body parts or organs. Having these types of tress in your house will bring bad luck and negative health effects for your family.

After removal of these “yin” trees, grow mango trees instead. You can enjoy good Fengshui and juicy fruits at the same time. If you are afraid of trouble, why not grow money plants. Money plants signify good luck and can suck negative energy from your home.

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