Common Fengshui Mistakes (63) Please do not place a bed behind the toilet wall


The bed is for you to rest and rejuvenate after work. The toilet is where you remove dirt and waste from your body. By putting your bed behind the toilet wall, good energy will clash with negative energy, disrupting the harmony and energy flow in your bedroom.

The toilet is like a drain sucking your “cai” or wealth. By placing a bed behind a toilet wall, you risk career opportunities, love and wealth “sucked” into the toilet bowl. The toilet contains dirty energy and negative “yin” energy. You will risk having health problems such as insomnia by placing your bed behind a toilet wall.

The simple solution is to shift the bed. Do not align the bed with a door or mirror. Close the toilet door and lid at all times. Do not put unnecessary decorations and Fengshui cures in your bedroom.

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