Common Fengshui Mistakes (62) Please do not place a bed behind the altar wall

Black Bed

Your bed is for you to rest or making love to your partner. The altar area is where you pray to gods and show respect to your ancestors. Putting a bed behind the altar wall is sacrilege and showing disrespect to your ancestors. You may suffer from bad luck and that is not the worst case scenario. Spirits of ancestors and gods will abandon the altar area, leaving your home vulnerable to curses, gongtau and wandering spirits. A bed behind the altar wall may cause you to have nightmares at night. Your ancestors may appear in your dream as you sleep. You will also suffer from insomnia in the long run. The easy solution is to shift the altar or your bed. There should be no statues of gods and warriors in your bedroom. Photographs of your ancestors should be kept in an album.

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