Common Fengshui Mistakes (59) Please do not keep a fountain or picture with water in your bedroom


The bedroom is where you rest and rejuvenate. You should put as little decorations as possible in the bedroom. A bedroom full of decorations will invite disputes and quarrels between you and your partner.

Fountains and artworks that have water depicted in them are big bedroom Fengshui taboos. These decorations often “wash” away the emotions and love between you and your partner. If the decorations have flowers in them, these may even invite a third party into your relationship.

A fountain regardless of size, creates huge energy flow. A bedroom should have a harmonious and peaceful energy flow. The huge energy created by an artificial fountain may disrupt your sleep and even cause insomnia. Any scenery artwork regardless of depictions, has the potential to attract spirits into them. My advice is to keep your bedroom as simple as possible. Remove all unnecessary artworks, flowers and fountains from your bedroom. Your bedroom ceiling should not have a beam or any fanciful lighting system.

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