Common Fengshui Mistakes (53) Please do not buy a house that has large garages overshadowing the front door


This is a common scenario in American and Australian houses. This is less seen in Singapore, China and Taiwan where land property is much more expensive. I have repeated countless times in the blog that the front door is very important to house Fengshui. Garages should not “steal the spotlight”. Garages overshadowing the front door signify your children or subordinates not listening to your instructions.

Garages usually accumulate “yin” energy. Too much “yin” energy overshadowing your front doors will bring negative health effects for your family members and may invite spirits into your home.

Large garages usually prevent sunlight from reaching the front door. If your front door is constantly shielded from the positive “yang” energy of sunlight, negative “yin” energy will accumulate. Darkness signify eeriness, neglect and sadness, properties that you will not want associating with your houses.

The front door is where clean energy and luck enters your house. Garages are where we park our cars or store excess stuff. This clash of purposes may invite disharmony among your family members.

The solution is simple. Look at more property options before buying. If you like the house, do some simple renovation. Make the garages smaller and convert more space for your gardens and guest rooms. To negate the effects of “yin” energy, put more green plants (with the exception of cactus and roses) in your garages. Make sure sunlight can always reach your front door.

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