Common Fengshui Mistakes (52) Please do not buy a house that has the front door too close to the main road

House (2)

This is a scenario commonly associated with old Singapore, Malaysian and Hong Kong landed property (shop houses). If your front door is too close to the road or street, it brings air and noise pollution to your home. You can partially solve this problem by installing sound proof systems and growing green plants.

Having your front door close to the road will greatly increase energy flows entering and exiting your house. This will bring disharmony and invite quarrels among household members. “Cai” or luck will enter and exit your home faster than normal houses. You may win a lucky draw but use the money to fix a plumbing problem.

All properties accumulate “yin” energy as they age. These type of houses are more “attractive” to wandering spirits. Spirits usually “crawl” on walls and wander along roads at night. The chances of you seeing a spirit in these type of houses greatly increase as well. You can alleviate this problem by placing a bagua mirror at your front door.

Overall, it is very difficult to find a complete solution. First, you are unable to renovate due to the simple fact that you do not own the road. Second, shifting the front door will not work. Third, putting Fengshui “cures” and green plants will only partially solve the problems. If you have more than one property, I will advise you to rent it out for extra cash.

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