Common Fengshui Mistakes (51) Please do not buy a house next to the sea

House (1)

Everybody loves to live near the sea. Who does not like amazing scenery, sea breeze and bikini babes sunbathing near your home? There is a difference between living in a holiday resort and a permanent house.

The sea contains huge amounts of negative “yin” energy and is a hotspot for wandering spirits. Vengeful spirits who die of drowning are always lurking nearby seeking victims for reincarnation. A house facing the sea Northeast will have terrible Fengshui and is a magnet for spirits.

The sea has too much water. Water signifies “cai” or luck. Having too much of it actually overwhelms the “fire” and “yang” energy in your home. In Fengshui, we need to strike a perfect balance. Having too much energy of a kind will invite disputes and quarrels in a household. For all these reasons, I highly recommend potential homeowners to buy properties that are slightly inland and not next to the sea.

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