Common Fengshui Mistakes (50) Please do not put too many Fengshui “cures” or items in your home


With the exception of fish tanks and ponds, I am firmly against putting any additional Fengshui “cure” in a home. First, the homeowner needs to have very good knowledge of Fengshui in order to reap benefits of a Fengshui “cure”. Second, homeowners will suffer poorer health and luck due to wrong positioning of Fengshui “cures”. Third, a home should be clean and simple. Too many Fengshui “cures” upset the energy flows in a home and may even invite disputes among its inhabitants. Fourth, certain Fengshui “cures” such as bells, lanterns, mirrors and wind chimes may attract wandering spirits into your home. Fifth, some of the Fengshui “cures” actually are fakes that bring no benefits to a home. My solution is to know your “money” areas and set up a nice fish tank. Keep the number of Fengshui “cures” in your home to a bare minimum. Please throw away all bells, lanterns and wind chimes if they are of no significant value. Broken mirrors should be covered in multiple plastic bags and thrown away immediately.

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