Common Fengshui Mistakes (46) Please do not place a mirror facing your front door

Mirrors facing each other

Your front door is the most important Fengshui area of your home. It is one of the few “money” areas where “cai” flows in. Clean and positive energy enters your home mostly through the front door. Putting a mirror at or facing your front door is considered by me to be the biggest Fengshui taboo of all time. “Cai” and positive energy are immediately reflected away. Your neighbors living across the street (or next door) must really thank you for your outright ignorance of Fengshui. Too many mirrors in your home also attract negative “yin” energy. Most people will feel psychologically stressed seeing a mirror reflection when the front door is opened. The solution is to remove the “offending” mirror immediately. Keep the number of mirrors in your home to a bare minimum. Make sure your front door is free of junk and rubbish.

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