Common Fengshui Mistakes (45) Please do not place your bedroom above the garage


Your bedroom is where you rest and rejuvenate while your garage is where you park your car or store your excess stuff. This conflict of purposes will invite disputes and quarrels in the household. Your car will create air and noise pollution. Sleeping above a garage may be detrimental to your long term health. Your garage will most likely be messy or less well maintained than the rest of your home. The excess clutter will hinder the flow of energy and disrupt the harmony of your bedroom.

Garages are often the accumulation areas of negative “yin” energy. A living person has mostly “yang” energy. Too much “yin” energy may be harmful to your well being. Your car will emit fumes. Sleeping under the garage may signify yourself being “cooked” or “roasted” alive. The solution is to shift your bedroom or garage. You can also convert your bedroom to a storeroom. Growing green plants in your home can alleviate the car’s pollution problems.

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