Common Fengshui Mistakes (39) Please do not place mirrors facing each other in your home

Mirrors facing each other

One of the greatest taboos in Fengshui is to put 2 mirrors facing each other in a home. Mirrors are considered sacred in ancient Chinese history because it is thought that they are portals to another realm. By placing 2 mirrors facing each other in your home, you risk opening a portal to an alien realm which may be friendly or unfriendly. It is another major reason why people often see supernatural entities by having 2 mirrors facing each other. Mirrors contain negative “yin” energy and having too many mirrors signify the “Sea of the Dead”. Having too many mirrors in your home may attract spirits into your home. Mirrors reflect energy in your home. When you have 2 mirrors facing each other, energy keeps reflecting back and forth, totally disrupting the harmony of your home. My solution is to remove one of the “offending” mirrors and keep the number of mirrors in your home to a bare minimum.

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