Common Fengshui Mistakes (38) Please do not place fans or mirrors at your home’s “money area”

Fish Tank and Mirrors

The most common “money areas” in your home are probably the entrance and the location of your fish tank. You should try and store “cai” or “water” energy not blowing away them with a fan. Mirrors reflect light and energy. Do you want your “cai” or money to be “reflected” away? Mirrors also have negative “yin” energy. Having too many mirrors near your fish tank may causes poor health for your pet fishes. In fact, the fish tank itself is considered by some Fengshui masters as a mirror too. Having 2 mirrors reflecting on each other is also a big Fengshui taboo. My solution is shift your fan to places where “cai” or “water” energy is not obstructed. Please throw away all unnecessary mirrors. Keep the number of mirrors in your home to a bare minimum.

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