Common Fengshui Mistakes (34) Please do not place your bedroom under a staircase

Bedroom under Staircase

Negative energy and luck exits your rooms from the staircase. By putting a bedroom under a staircase is a big Fengshui taboo. A bedroom is a place where you rest and rejuvenates energy. You want it to be a peaceful and tranquil. Negative energy rushing down the staircase will flush out your positive energy. People walking up and down the staircase will create noise pollution, which disrupts your resting process. As people are standing on the staircase and you are sleeping under it, it brings extreme bad luck. Do you want to sleep under a woman’s legs? A bedroom under a staircase is usually cramped and small. You will lack adequate space and ventilation. The solution is to convert the staircase bedroom into a small storeroom or a first aid corner.

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