Common Fengshui Mistakes (30) Please remove any taxidermy from your home


In Buddhism, Taoism and Fengshui, we believe it is bad karma to put taxidermy in a home. Hunting animals for sport is regarded as sinful and preventing them from reincarnated will bring extreme bad luck to the taxidermy owners. The souls of the dead animals are trapped in the taxidermy forever unless proper rituals are done. Dead animals constitute negative “ying” energy. A home is for living human beings and too much “ying” energy may be detrimental to human health. “Ying” energy also attracts wandering spirits. The taxidermy of deers and fishes often contain sharp objects such as horns and teeth. Sharp objects represent negative “sha” energy in fengshui. It is bad for your psychological health that the taxidermy is “staring” at you angrily. My advice to any taxidermy owner is to donate them to local schools or museums.

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