Common Fengshui Mistakes (26) Please do not put frightening artworks in your home

Frightening Art

There are many things to decorate your home with such as plants and toys. The last thing you want to put in your home is frightening art, which includes fake skulls and paintings of evil beings. This is a great Fengshui taboo because it is thought to bring bad luck and attracts wandering spirits into your home. This kind of art carries too much negative “yin” energy and brings psychological stress to its owners. Besides “yin” energy, these type of artworks contain “Gu Sha” (孤煞) energy. “Gu Sha” energy is very bad for people seeking companionship and love. If you experience extreme bad luck, I highly advise you to donate the artworks to the community center or museum. For small decorations and paintings that cost less than a few dollars, I will suggest you to dispose them immediately.

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