Common Fengshui Mistakes (136) Please fix all the squeaky doors in your home

Old Door Hinge

Why you should fix all the squeaky doors in your home?

First, the door is considered the mouth of a room in Fengshui. A squeaking door signifies a mouth screaming for help. This may not bode well for the health of your family members if you do not fix this problem fast.

Second, a squeaking door disturbs the harmony of your home and violates the “Gui Ku Sheng Hao” (鬼哭神号: ghosts cry and gods shout) taboo of Fengshui.

Third, in Chinese superstition, we believe that squeaking doors attract negative energy and wandering spirits. It is extremely rare to find a rich Chinese boss that has a squeaking door in his/her main property.


Apply some oil to the door hinges. If the problem still persists, you should replace the door hinges with new ones.

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