Common Fengshui Mistakes (135) Please ensure the cleanliness of all your Fengshui cures and items


Why you should maintain the cleanliness of Fengshui cures?

A Fengshui cure is similar to your household knife. It can help you do good by cutting food items. If you are not careful enough, the knife can also do you harm by hurting your little finger.

The benefits or power of a poorly maintained Fengshui cure or item will greatly diminished, resulting in reverse bad luck for you and your family members. As cobwebs, dirt and dust accumulate, the amount of negative energy may cause huge disruption to your home’s energy flow and magnetic field. Always remember the old saying that “cleanliness is next to godliness”.


Clean the Fengshui cure once every week. Check all your bamboo plants, crystals, fish tanks, fountains and laughing Buddhas. Remove all dead flowers or leaves. Throw away all broken crystals. Make sure your fishes are well fed and no algae is growing in the tanks. Fix and repair broken portions of fountains and statues.

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