Common Fengshui Mistakes (134) Please ensure that the doors of your home are properly painted

Old Door Hinge

Why you should make sure all your home doors are properly painted?

First, the doors are “mouths” of the rooms. If door paint is fading or peeling, it will bring in bad luck or prophesize the health of the household going downhill.

Second, a poorly maintained door will bring in disputes, quarrels and lawsuits (口舌是非). A homeowner may find himself/herself offending close friends or relatives simply by speaking carelessly.

Third, humans use our mouths to speak out goals, promises or wishes. When the paint of your home door is poorly maintained, it signifies your nightmares coming true instead of your wishes.

Fourth, a door is where positive energy enters and negative energy exits a room. A poorly maintained door will accumulate an invisible shield of negative energy, warding off rejuvenated energy and attracting wandering spirits in the process.

Fifth, business and opportunities will abandon homeowners who have poor looking doors. If you are incompetent or even lazy to do simple home maintenance, how will people trust you to manage their assets or oversee important projects?


Check your doors every 3 months. Once you see the paint peeling off, use your DIY skills to restore the doors’ original looks. Do not use black, grey or red paint to paint your doors. All door entrances should also be kept clutter-free to prevent disruption of your home’s energy flows.

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