Common Fengshui Mistakes (133) Please make sure your bed and front door are facing west

Black Bed

Why your bed and front door should not face west?

Heading west is commonly known in Chinese superstition and tradition as “going to Hades”. In simple language, that means you are about to meet your demise!

You can drive or walk by your neighborhood. No East Asian (Chinese, Japanese or Korean) properties will have their front doors facing west. If you happen to spot one, there is a high chance that the owners put a bagua mirror at the entrance.


Your bed or front door facing west is considered one of the worst violations of home Fengshui. If you experience extreme bad luck which you cannot explain, try shifting your bed or front door.

The perfect locations of every bed and door in your home is facing south. Of course, in today’s crowded apartments, flats and condominiums, the ideal scenario will be difficult to achieve. At least try your best to arrange your own bed so that you will avoid sleeping facing west every single day!

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