Common Fengshui Mistakes (132) Please do not use red or dark colored tiles for your home’s floor

Black Floor Tiles

Why you should never use red or dark colored tiles for your home’s floor?

Red colored tiles:

Red is usually associated with luck and prosperity in Chinese tradition but using them as floor tile colors will severely backfire on you. Red signifies “blood” and “fire” in Fengshui. Do you want to see blood everyday? Do you want to be burnt or grilled everyday?

Dark colored tiles:

Dark colors signifies “darkness” of course! What is on your mind when you used these colors for your floor tiles?

Black and grey colors represents bad luck, dirtiness and eeriness in Chinese tradition. Dark black, dark purple and dark red are perfect colors for attracting immense negative energy or wandering spirits.

What colors should you use for floor tiles?

The perfect colors are light yellow and white.

First, they look clean and comfortable on your eyes. Second, they do not attract negative energy. Third, they will not provoke disputes or quarrels among your family members.

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