Common Fengshui Mistakes (131) Please do not use transparent floor tiles for your home

Transparent Floor Tiles

Why you should never use transparent floor tiles for your home?

First, they are half mirrors and will reflect energy. By installing them on your floor, the energy flows becomes destabilized and turbulent. Clean rejuvenated energy will find it hard to enter your home while dirty negative energy will find it hard to exit.

Second, mirrors are considered doorways to another realm in Fengshui. A home with transparent floor tiles look almost like the “sea of the dead”. This dark prophecy does not bode well for your career or health.

Third, having mirrors or half mirrors constantly facing you is considered a great taboo in Fengshui. I have said in my blog posts that the amount of mirrors in a home should be kept to a minimum. By installing transparent floor tiles in your home, you risk worsening the problem a few hundred times.

Fourth, all homeowners will want stable foundations for their homes and future. In Fengshui, transparent floor tiles are considered as weak foundations because they give people the impression that they are “walking on thin air”.

Fifth, the colors, decorations and patterns in transparent floor tiles are unnecessary “burdens” to a home’s Fengshui. You will want your home to be clean, neat and simple. Excessive art and wrong colors (black, grey, red or dark shades) may invite disputes and quarrels among household members.

What are the perfect tile colors for a home?

The best colors are white or light yellow. A homeowner will never go wrong with these 2 colors.

If your home has transparent floor tiles installed and you do not wish to remove them, my advice is to cover them with movable carpets. You can also place pots of green plants (without thorns) in your home to regulate the energy flows.

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