Common Fengshui Mistakes (130) Please do not sit in a room with your back facing the door


This mistake is the most common Fengshui mistake throughout the world. If you are watching this website, there is a 80 percent chance that you have committed this Fengshui taboo. I will list in detail why this wrong placement of furniture can bring repercussions for your well being.

Why you should not sit in the a room with your back facing the door?

First, sitting at the desk with your back facing the door, signifies you “turning your back on opportunities”.

Second, all furniture needs a strong foundation at the back.

Third, you need to be aware of the surroundings for your own safety.

Fourth, visitors may be offended when they saw you with your back facing them.

Fifth, the door is where positive energy comes in and negative energy exits a room. You will want clean rejuvenated energy to “rush” to your desk instead of mixing yourself with old dirty energy.


Shift the furniture around. Make sure the chairs and desk have a solid wall behind as foundation. You must be in a commanding position that can see everything in the room.

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